Writing 2213F/G – LOL: Humour Writing

Writing Humour is designed to help you write for greater impact while introducing you to different aspects of the genre, using a blend of lecture and workshop. You will have the opportunity to write something funny every week, get feedback, and learn about potential markets for your work. Antirequisite(s): The former Writing 294G if taken in 2006-07. Prerequisite(s): At least 65% in one of Writing 2101F/G, Writing 2121F/G, Writing 2111F/G, or Writing 2131F/G; or at least 85% in Writing 1000F/G; or permission of the program. Corequisite(s): Pre-or Corequisite(s): Extra Information: 3 lecture hours, 0.5 course. back to top

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