Writing 2202F/G – Winning Your Argument: Rhetorical Strategy in a Visual Age

An intensive and practical study of exposition in discursive prose, this course reviews the foundations of grammar, introduces students to the rhetoric of presentation and persuasion, and considers diverse types of prose across multiple disciplines, focusing an analysis of visual rhetoric and argumentation, including websites, advertisements, and other visual media. Antirequisite(s): The former Writing 102F/G, 103F/G. Prerequisite(s): At least 65% in one of Writing 2101F/G, Writing 2121F/G, Writing 2111F/G, or Writing 2131F/G; or at least 85% in Writing 1000F/G; or permission of the Program. Corequisite(s): Pre-or Corequisite(s): Extra Information: 3 hours, 0.5 course. back to top

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