Medical Biophysics 3503G – Fundamentals of Digital Imaging

Concepts of images relevant to all imaging modalities. Image formation and capture including digital cameras and the eye, pixels, aliasing, resolution, contrast, sensitivity, specificity, ROC, window/level, dynamic range, RGB, spectroscopy. Image compression and quality, quantitative analysis based on imaging software and principles of quantitative stereology. Antirequisite(s): Prerequisite(s): Calculus 1000A/B or 1100A/B plus one of Calculus 1301A/B or 1501A/B, or Applied Mathematics 1413 or the former Mathematics 030; one of Physics 1028A/B, 1301A/B, 1401A/B or 1501A/B, and one of Physics 1029A/B, 1302A/B, 1402A/B or 1502A/B, or one of the former Physics 1020, 1024 or 1026. Typically taken in third year, this course is also open to second-year students with an average of at least 70% in first year. Corequisite(s): Pre-or Corequisite(s): Extra Information: 2 lecture hours, 1 tutorial hour, 0.5 course. back to top

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