Management and Organizational Studies 3399 – Internship

Preparatory workshops and an 8-16 month industry placement to acquire practical professional learning experience. The course will be taught as a series of workshops throughout the year. Following the industry placement, interns must complete a written report and oral presentation on work undertaken during the internship. Antirequisite(s): Prerequisite(s): Business Administration 2257, completion of 2nd year of BMOS Program with a minimum average of 70%, and participation in Preparation and Training Workshops. Corequisite(s): Pre-or Corequisite(s): Extra Information: Non-credit, 3.0 course. Pass/Fail. Note: (1) Since Internships are not currently available to international students, they are not permitted to register in this course; (2) This credit cannot be included in the number of courses counted toward any degree or program; (3) Successful completion of MOS 3399 will be recognized at the head of a student’s degree transcript through the addition of the words “With Internship”. back to top

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